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MD Plus is the right partner that wholesalers and distributors can rely on for the supply of disposable professional gloves, medical personal protective equipment and medical-healthcare equipment for every sector.


Accident prevention

Personal protective equipment, also called PPE, includes all the accident prevention equipment that workers need to protect themselves against accidents.

MD Plus offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions that provide wearers with protection and safety.



The HoReCa and food-grade paper supply channels include professional categories involved in the supply of food and beverages.

Gloves are widely used in the hospitality industry. It is not only hygienic; in some cases, it is also mandatory.

MD Plus offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions that can guarantee hygiene, protection and safety to both workers and consumers.


Large-scale retail distribution

MD Plus offers protection solutions designed for the retail outlets of large-scale distribution companies, consisting of facilities, spaces, operators and buyers, aimed at making each setting safe and at guaranteeing hygiene and protection to customers.


The food industry

In the food sector, PPE has two main objectives: to guarantee the protection of workers, and to contribute to the safety of the finished product and by extension, of end consumers.

Gloves, gowns, masks, aprons, overshoes and caps are just some of the products in our catalog intended for this sector.



The main reason why disposable gloves and masks are used is to avoid contact with detergents and substances that are potentially hazardous to health.


The automotive industry

MD Plus offers a wide range of disposable and work gloves to ensure that the automotive industry, workshops and spare parts dealers have adequate high-visibility protection devices, without compromising dexterity and sensitivity.


Cosmetics and tattoo artists

In the cosmetic sector and in tattoo studios, the use of disposable gloves is essential to avoid infections, both for the professional and for the client.

Nitrile, vinyl, latex and vitrile gloves are suitable for this sector because they all have excellent elasticity and strong resistance to punctures.

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