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MD Plus is a leading distributor of disposable professional gloves, medical PPE, and healthcare products. Since its founding in Alba in 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has established a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy partner, both domestically and internationally. The brainchild of Andrea, Giovanni, and Federico, the company was born out of a recognition of the shortage of medical supplies, particularly disposable gloves, during the health crisis. With their expertise and established network, they were able to quickly and effectively respond to this shortage.

Over the past year, the business has seen tremendous growth, expanding from marketing just two types of gloves to now offering over 70 PPE products and a catalog of over 1,000 items. The success of MD Plus is a testament to the determination and vision of its founders.


Why choose our products for your customers?


With its product warehouse housed within the facilities of a national courier, MD Plus is able to guarantee prompt delivery of materials and quickly respond to customer requests, including those for urgent supplies.


MD Plus rigorously researches and selects only the finest suppliers to ensure the high-quality of the products it distributes. These products meet current industry standards and are certified accordingly.

Comprehensive range

MD Plus offers a diverse range of PPE for various professional sectors including healthcare, food, accident prevention, construction, horeca, wellness, and more, all included in its comprehensive catalog.


Thanks to our product warehouse situated within the facilities of a national courier, MD Plus is able to guarantee fast delivery of materials, promptly responding to all customer requests, including those for emergency supplies.


Where it all began

MD Plus, the go-to distributor in Italy, rose to the challenge of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and quickly established itself as a reliable source of timely material and supply distribution. With years of partnerships with international manufacturers and suppliers, along with in-depth product knowledge, MD Plus has been able to stay ahead of market demands by offering tailored solutions that meet its customers’ needs, even in emergency situations.


MD Plus specializes in PPE, with a focus on disposable gloves, which it offers in a variety of materials, each with its own unique characteristics suitable for various purposes. Although the company provides a wide range of disposable gloves, it excels in the distribution of nitrile gloves, known for their superior strength and versatility. By tapping into a growing trend prior to the pandemic, MD Plus was at the forefront of a transformation in the industry, leading the shift towards innovative, high-performing materials and changing consumer habits.

MD Plus has established strong relationships with manufacturers and has exclusive agreements for supplying nitrile gloves in the Italian market. Soon, it will also expand its role as a representative for the EU market. Despite being a relatively new company, MD Plus has quickly gained recognition for its reputation as a dependable and conscientious partner. Its success can be attributed to its commitment to providing a consistent and trustworthy support service, in addition to supplying top-quality protective equipment. The company has won several public sector supply tenders, including those for Local Health Authorities in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions, and is now bidding for tenders in other regions of Italy. Additionally, it has entered into agreements with various private companies in need of nitrile products.

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Thanks to commercial relationships established over the years, MD Plus operates in several countries around the world: Italy, Europe, the United States and Canada.

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