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MD Plus sets the bar for excellence in the industry, with a commitment to ethics and a relentless drive for innovation. Our extensive range of products is constantly updated to exceed our customers’ expectations and stay ahead of market demands. Our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of disposable clothing and PPE guarantees that every product is chosen with utmost care and rigorously evaluated against the highest quality standards, both in terms of product and service. With MD Plus, you can always expect the best.

Clothing, accessories and PPE

Disposable clothing

Disposable PPE clothing and accessories refer to personal protective equipment that is designed for single-use, typically to protect the wearer from various health and safety hazards. They are commonly used in healthcare, industrial, and food service settings, and include items such as gowns, aprons, face masks, hairnets, boot covers, and gloves. The main purpose of disposable PPE clothing and accessories is to provide a barrier between the wearer and the environment, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances, pathogens, and other hazards. These items are typically made from lightweight, breathable materials that provide comfort and mobility, and are designed for quick and easy donning and doffing.

Clothing, accessories and PPE


The MD Plus catalog offers a wide selection of disposable accessories including grips, gags, capes and much more.

They are ideal for use in healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as medical and dental practices.

Clothing, accessories and PPE

PPE - face masks

The products featured in our catalog also include surgical and FFP2 masks, which are indispensable when there is a risk of contamination.

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